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Five American soldiers enter Nazi-occupied Europe on a covert assignment to kidnap the head of Operation Bernhard.
Most of what I would say has been said by other members in their comments.<br/><br/>Only thing I would add is the huge oversights in the sets. The barracks high in the Austrian alps in 1940&#39;s have metal frame windows…. possibly aluminium. I would imagine that they would have been wood frame back then.<br/><br/>In one scene, you can see two large propane tanks in the background. I am betting the barracks set is a summer camp, resort, or roadside motel.<br/><br/>In one scene, a barrack has a #2 on the door. In another scene, presumably at a cabin at a distance from the barracks, there is a #3 on the door. Again, indication of a resort or motel.<br/><br/>There is also in the cabin scene, what appears to be a steel-insulated door commonly used in residential construction in the modern day… the standard 6-panel design. Would a cabin in the alps have such a thing?<br/><br/>Effects were so incredibly weak. <br/><br/>Do yourself a favour, skip this one. I don&#39;t know what the producers were thinking.
This is one of the most disappointing war drama which I have seen in the last few years. I saw &#39;Counterfeit&#39; last year which I think was nominated for Oscar 2009; this is not anywhere in the same league as that.<br/><br/>Besides all that, the sleeve of the DVD is entirely misleading, talking about Operation Bernhard and Major Falconer involved in a love affair with the young wife of Count Maldorais in the Adriennes Forest.<br/><br/>There are NO women in this movie at all and the sole concentration of the movie is on a group of soldiers crossing German lines and doing a lot of shooting, a little bit like cowboy and Indians with the Germans. If it was made on a low budget, the overall production reflects that.<br/><br/>this is essentially a movie about a soldiers greed for money when he realises that there is chance for the &#39;spoils of war&#39; while in the course of doing his duty on a somewhat bizarre mission.<br/><br/>The dialogue throughout, although informative, seemed extremely contrived and I felt the acting was below average standard for a movie of this kind, perhaps not a reflection on the actors involved but on the production direction and screenplay.<br/><br/>Very little to commend though the real life shots at the beginning and end of the film almost gave the film some meaning.<br/><br/>Sorry folks, this just didn&#39;t deliver!

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