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KAOS uses Hymie as a robotic assassin against the Chief.
Genius episode! A double agent has reprogrammed Hymie (Dick Gautier) to kill the Chief of CONTROL. Max and 99 are able to stop Hymie before he can complete his mission, but nevertheless the Chief orders Hymie to be disassembled.<br/><br/>Max just doesn&#39;t have the heart to destroy his old friend, so he brings him home while trying to figure out the program. Hymie&#39;s programmed for neatness and he assumes the Felix Unger role and Max the Oscar Madison part. Things get complicated when the Chief&#39;s niece (Laurel Goodwin, the pretty blonde who Gene Roddenberry reportedly had eyes for when he cast her as Yeoman Smith in the &quot;Star Trek&quot; pilot film &quot;The Cage&quot;) falls for Hymie.<br/><br/>The &quot;Get Smart&quot; creative team really hit their stride here in season two. Almost everything works. When the Chief tries to reassemble Hymie, he discovers the parts Max gave him are from an old washing machine. Determined not to be caught in a lie, Max soldiers on and tries to convince the Chief the washing machine is Hymie, just put together wrong. As Hymie, Gautier is both convincing and funny, King Moody is good as bad guy Kirsch (before he assumed his hilarious Schtarker character with Siegfried) and Adams can do no wrong. A really fun episode to watch.
I was a Get Smart fan back in the day. One of the first color shows I watched on a regular basis. I was also a fan of NBC&#39;s The Virginian but was disappointed when Gary Clarke (Steve Hill) was written out of that show shortly after Season 2.<br/><br/>Thanks to IMDb and the ability to cross examine credits, I have been delighted to find out that Gary Clarke went on to pursue another love, writing, and that it was his pen that produced the scripts that introduced Hymie the Robot, easily one of the high-water marks of the Get Smart series.<br/><br/>Hurrah to you Gary if you are out there reading somewhere. Your work has given me great pleasure.

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